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What Annie Duke can teach you about decisions

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Academic Foundation, Before even playing poker, Annie double-majored in English and psychology, then went on to pursue a doctorate in cognitive linguistics Read More April 4, Read More March 28, Delivered first speech on strategic decision making, Spoke to the leadership of a privately-owned hedge fund, Parallax Fund, L.

Read More May 3, Became a board member for After School All-Stars, Annie joined Arnold Schwarzenegger at After School All-Stars to help provide comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and in life How I Decide, Launched nonprofit to help young people develop the essential life skills of critical thinking and decision making Read More July 11, Read More February 6, Media Kit. Download Media Kit.

To explain this, Duke brings in cognitive bias. People tend to attribute their successes to skill and their poor outcomes to bad luck.


Interestingly, we employ different biases for others than for ourselves. If someone whom we see as a peer has a good outcome, we protect our self-image by attributing their success to luck and their failures to poor skill. This explains why startups can be more innovative than established firms.

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So, how does a company create a culture in which people confront their decisions without bias? You know moaning. Next, companies have to show people that outcomes and decisions are not perfectly correlated, Duke says.

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One way to do this is to encourage employees to talk about a good outcome — they closed an account, made a sale, had a great idea — in terms of what went wrong along the way. This makes it safe for employees to workshop how they could have maximized each decision better. How do we know that the executives who sail away from corporate disasters on golden parachutes have actually learned anything? We have to be willing to understand that when there is success, there are good decisions and bad decisions that go into that success, there is luck and skill that goes into success, and in fact, there can be almost completely bad decisions that go into that.